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Bast Brass Cat Tooth Lariat Necklace

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Bast is a Goddess of joy, music, sensuality, and protection. She is a sun deity who defended the pharaoh and provides her people with warmth and light. She is thought to be a daughter of Ra and is also known as Bastet. Black cats were usually associated with her so I felt a golden cat tooth made sense to pay homage to her. The warmth of the brass metal reflect her solar deity and fiery personality.

  • Tooth is cast in brass from a real cat tooth and measures around 8mm wide and 11mm long.
  • Antique gold plated double cable chain measures about 28" but can be adjusted as tight or loose as you like because it's a lariat. The hand carved and cast brass circle is used as an enclosure; just pass the tooth through and let dangle.
  • No cats were harmed in the making of these, teeth were collected from nature.

Please take certain precautions to protect the integrity of your jewelry! Do not submerge in water, swim, or bathe with it on as this could potentially wear on the surface - especially with chlorine or salt water. Everyday outdoor and daytime wear is perfectly normal but please do not leave in the sun (on a windowsill for example) for extended periods of time as this could affect the protective coating and color of the patina. When not being worn, wrap in a cloth or its accompanying jewelry box to protect. For more info and instructions, please read through the FAQ page for frequently asked questions and policies before making your purchase.


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