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The Dreaming One: Bronze Cthulhu Inspired Necklace

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This item is made to order. This means it will ship within 3-4 weeks, but sometimes earlier.

A collaborative piece between Silver Moon Alchemy and Julian the 2nd. Designed together as a team and 3D printed by Julian, these pieces were then detailed in wax by Alisha before being cast in bronze. Julian added the finishing touches of chain and patina before being passed back to Alisha to photograph. 

  • Pendant measures about 36mm wide by 28mm long
  • Hangs from a bronze chain measuring about 17". Includes a hook clasp enclosure resembling two tentacles reaching toward each other.
  • Dark patina has been given to each piece.
  • Please remember that every piece is handmade, therefore every piece is unique and may have minor variations in the casting or patina, etc. Photos are an example of the design you will receive.

The patina and a protective coating have been carefully applied but please take certain precautions to protect the integrity of your jewelry! Do not swim or bathe with it on as this could potentially wear on the surface - especially with chlorine or salt water. Everyday outdoor and daytime wear is perfectly normal but please do not leave in the sun (on a windowsill for example) for extended periods of time as this could affect the protective coating and color of the patina. When not being worn, wrap in a cloth or its accompanying jewelry box to protect. For more info and instructions, please read through the FAQ page for frequently asked questions and policies before making your purchase.


All boxes measure 11" x 8" x 2"

Individual item dimensions are listed above.

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