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SALE Witch Hat Ring Display: Black with Orange Trim (2021 style)

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- These wooden witch hats have been hand-painted and sealed with a natural beeswax and jojoba polish (non toxic and organic) to protect the color and prevent from drying out. They are ready to show off your spookiest rings! Though they were made to be ring displays they can be used simply as fun seasonal (or year round) Halloween decor too!

- Each hat measures around 35mm wide by 55mm high and can fit a variety of ring sizes.

PLEASE READ: Because these are handmade using wood and paint, please do not submerge in water. If you need to clean just gently wipe down with a damp washcloth and dry. The beeswax is helpful to protect the ring cone but it is not completely waterproof or scratch proof since wood is softer than metal jewelry! Gently place rings on and do not force them on to avoid scratching the paint or leaving indents. Displays can be polished as needed with a beeswax polish to protect the wood and make it shine again. Though I have secured the hat and its base together and tested its durability, I recommend avoiding actions that could damage or break the pieces apart (ie. repeatedly dropping on hard surfaces, stacking heavy items on top if it in storage, etc).


All boxes measure 11" x 8" x 2"

Individual item dimensions are listed above.

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